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Should You Hire A Commercial Property Manager

Should You Hire A Commercial Property Manager

While you may think that landlord skills are naturally inherited, you would be wrong! Many people feel they don’t want the expense of hiring a commercial property manager and feel they will do fine on their own. It is a common misconception in our industry. The benefits will outweigh the costs.

Here, we will discuss the key benefits of hiring a professional to manage your property on your behalf.

Commercial Property Management Services

There are many different things to keep tabs on with commercial spaces. If you are not used to having your phone on 24/7 and responding to emergencies, get ready! Panicked phone calls of leaking toilets and maintenance repairs can be an extra headache to organize in a timely fashion. A property manager can handle all of the details so that you can focus your time on your family or growing your business.

Consistent Tenancy

Are you organized with a list of standby potential renters to interview in the event your tenant gives notice? Or worse, if you have to evict anyone due to not paying their rent? Finding great tenants and retaining them is one of our specialties.

We can help you screen and streamline the entire process to find the right fit.

Regular Maintenance: Keep Your Tenants & Property Safe

Trying to juggle all of your regular household tasks AND take care of everything with a commercial property is a lot. If you fail to keep your tenants and property happy and healthy, it will be tricky to collect on your investment.

Trying to schedule snow removal late or failing to navigate icy walkways effectively can lead to injuries, damages and lawsuits. Wouldn’t it be more relaxing to know that all of these pertinent details are under control?


Stop Chasing Rent

Chasing clients who are behind on rent can also take its toll on energy, time and bottom line. TAFCO Realty Corp. specializes in handling all of these issues and more. Find peace of mind by gifting yourself with a reputable, responsible and experienced commercial property manager.

Commercial Property Management: Kelowna Properties

We specialize in Okanagan commercial property management, leasing and sales. TAFCO Realty Corp. knows every aspect of Kelowna. We have proudly been serving community businesses for over 30 years. If you are looking to upgrade your space or get into the commercial market, we have the listings, prices and locations you are seeking!

We take care of special use facilities, commercial office spaces, industrial applications and even shopping malls. Whether you have one tenant or 87, we can help ensure your building and your renters are safe and secure.

TAFCO Realty Corp. For Peace Of Mind

We know your time and energy are precious. We understand that it is vital to be involved in many facets of your commercial property; however, having some distance can be a great thing! Knowing that everything is being looked after on your behalf is a much more stress-free way to thrive.

Contact the Okanagan’s Premier Property Management Team

We’d love to have a chat and see how we can help you grow your business. Having the right location and the right tenants is vital to your success. We know Kelowna better than anyone and are happy to help you find the perfect commercial property for your next venture!

Contact TAFCO Realty Corp. today to get started with your commercial property manager .